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One of the questions that contractors always ask us is, “How does Enviroshake install with 30%+ less labour than cedar?” This is what we tell them!

1. Cedar has approximately 220 pieces per square vs Enviroshake which only has 130 Cedar therefore, has 70% more pieces to install and handle which adds to the labour cost significantly.

2. Enviroshake does not need to be hand split, each piece is 12” wide and comes in 8 random profiles Enviroshake bundles come with 8 varied profiles, so you can achieve the natural cedar shake look by installing the shakes as you receive them, without having to hand split each shake.

3. Enviroshake can be installed with a nail gun Contractors have been able to achieve a 50% quicker install time vs hand nailing

4. Enviroshake bundles do not need to be sorted Because Enviroshake bundles come pre-shuffled with a mix of our 8 different profiles, you save time and reduce waste by installing the shakes as they come.

5. Enviroshake valleys can be pre-cut on the ground or on the roof Enviroshake is cut easily, meaning your team can cut the shakes to custom fit the valleys on the roof or on the ground

6. Enviroshake has custom ridge caps that do not require on-site cutting When you place an order, your ridge caps care custom made for your project, meaning no more custom cutting yourself!

7. Enviroshake does not need to be installed on a breather or wooden slats

8. Enviroshake can be installed with One Master Installer overseeing the installation vs requiring All Master Installers as with Cedar

9. Enviroshake is installed at an 8 or 9” exposure, whereas wood shingles are installed at a 5.5" exposure. With Enviroshake your installers can cover more area for the same amount of labor, and your labor costs per square foot should be 40% less. 


If you have any questions or have additional comments on how Enviroshake gave you cost savings in labor vs installing cedar, please give District Remodeling a call! (202)-774-8600

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